by Harmania Indie Choir

Harmania Indie choir based in Ireland was set up in October 2015 by music teacher and musician Róisín McGrath in order to highlight the benefits of group singing within her local community in Waterford . The choir is all inclusive, welcoming people from all walks of life. While their backgrounds may be diverse, they all share one distinct interest…..They Love to sing!

We believe that the benefits of singing ( of which there are many) are experienced best when done communely and it is also our belief that with the right guidance , anyone can sing!

As our name suggests, we love Indie music but we’re also prone to belting out the odd pop/rock/folk/disco/funk/bluegrass/americana/traditional etc etc song. Anything from Bowie to Bronski Beat and Neil Young to Orbital . Nothing is off the cards!

We pride ourselves in being a non-conventional choir both in our teaching methods and choice of repertoire.

Everything is taught by ear using participatory methods and our repertoire is both nostagic and current while also being a tad daring at times!! Described by a choir member as “Fresh  &  Funky arrangements”,  Róisín puts her own spin on some well known and not so well known songs.

Since our humble beginnings of just 12 members we have now grown to over 50 with a waiting list of over double that length and growing! We love performing live and the choir have appeared at at many festivals in Ireland and on numerous stages some of which include Waterford Harvest Festival, Clonmel Junctions Arts Festival ,Bloom Festival Dublin and The Theatre Royal Waterford. We also love recording and recently produced a video trilogy covering The Stone Roses, Nirvana and Lana Del Rey.

Singing together produces such a powerful effect on a persons happiness and well being both in a physical and emotional sense. It is our aim is to expand the choir to bring the joy of singing to as many people as possible. If you like the sound of what we do and would like join the choir please Join Us.

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