We are so excited to perform our Summer concert” We are All Made of Stars” in our favourite venue and our rehearsal home – the beautiful St. Patrick’s Gateway, Waterford.

We’re even more excited to have some very special guests joining us on the night – Waterford gems and nectar for the ears – In The Willows, the amazingly powerful yet tender vocals of Phil Coulter and the young up and coming talent of Deon O’ Callaghan as well as some of Waterford’s finest musicians.

If you haven’t been to one

of our gigs before, now is your opportunity to come and hear your favourite indie, pop, rock and dance tracks take on a new life by the very capable and often quirky approach of the choir members and their director!!! Moby, Lou Reed, The Stone Roses, SinĂ©ad O’Connor , Primal Scream and many more are all on the menu for what promises to be a great night.

Certainly not the conventional repertoire of a choir, I give you that but we promise to have you shed a sneaky tear as you are moved by the haunting harmonies and emotive voices while also promising to have you up dancing and throwing shapes in the isles of St. Patrick’s Gateway as you bop along to our uplifting classic dance anthems !!

A night not to be missed !!


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