Welcome to the first of our ‘Big Sing’ events where we offer you the opportunity to come and sing some epic songs with us,
commitment free!

🔸 This event is ideal for people that would love the chance to sing with an Indie choir but cannot commit to a full term .

🔸 It’s all about being in the moment, singing songs and experiencing the beauty of voices coming together in harmony in just a couple of hours.

🔸 Everything is taught in a fun, inclusive and pressure free way. You will never be asked to sing on your own or be put on the spot in any way.

🔸 We hope to run this event on a monthly basis and will have a different theme each month .

Our first Theme is:👉’SCREAMADELICA’👈 , the iconic Primal Scream album from 1991. We’ll be immersing ourselves in it’s mesmerising ‘CHOONS’ by doing quirky vocal warm ups, exercises and finally the main song which will all be taken from the album !!
At the end of the session you will be in no doubt that you have celebrated and paid a decent homage to all things ‘ SCREAMADELICA’ !!🤩

🔸 This event is open to everyone ( over 18)
🔸 No singing experience necessary, just a willingness to lend your voice, be part of a tribe and allow yourself to be transported back to 1991 where we will ALL come…” Ohhh—ohh–ohh–ohh , Together as One” !






YouTube video


Following the success of our first lockdown video “Once Voice”, some of our members have once again collaborated virtually to produce an arrangement of the stunning song “To Build A Home” by the Cinematic Orchestra.

The song was chosen to highlight the importance of ‘Home’ and to raise much needed funds for Safe Ireland and domestic abuse survivors.

Never has the importance of home been more apparent than it had been during lockdown. For most of us it is our place of sanctuary and safety. However, for so many people up and down the country, the home – the place where you should feel most secure and protected is where they find themselves most vulnerable and at risk, entrapped with their abusers.

We felt conscious that as a group of singers we could possibly make some difference by contributing our hard work and talent towards highlighting the plight of domestic abuse survivors in Ireland

The recording features a very talented young singer from Cork Deon O’ Callaghan who collaborated with Harmania Indie choir. Deon age 17 is a student of the Co. Cork School of Music -( twitter@cetbsm) and is taught by Harmania’s director Róisín McGrath who is a teacher at the school.

The video was recorded by members of Harmania Indie choir from their own homes on their phones and was edited and assembled by our very talented team of video and sound editors.

A huge thanks to everyone that donated and to our team:
Arranged and directed by – Róisín McGrath
Piano – Keith Adams
Audio Mix – Peter Vogelaar
Video – Colin Shanahan – DigiCol Photography & Media Productions

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